Blessing Omakwu-Soremekun, Esq. 

Lawyer. Pop Culture Junkie. Writer. Nigerian. American. Bibliophile. Theology Nerd. Millennial. Gender Equality Evangelist…Figuring out what it means to be a woman & blogging about it!

My fire for women’s rights issues was lit sometime between the childhood weekends I spent cutting out girl power quotes from Spice Girls calendars; and the teenage years I spent observing the challenges my mother faced as a widow, and as a religious leader in Nigeria.  Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to deeply engage women’s rights and gender issues in academic, professional and personal spaces. Along the way, I've received some humbling honors. More recently, I was selected as a 2017 British Council Emerging Policy Leader and a 2018 Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Goalkeeper.

I am passionate about the way women see themselves, the way societies see women, and the issues that fall between these personal and political lines. On this blog, I share my personal stories and thoughts about womanhood. I also explore the intersection of gender and policy, popular culture, theology, literature, and more.

With my writing, I hope to challenge the status quo and provoke thought on what it means to be a woman.

I don’t have it all figured out—I welcome you to this journey.

PS: I also founded The She Tank: a modern think-tank promoting gender equality and women’s rights. You can learn more about it at:


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